North Parkway Residence

Category:  Renovation and Expansion
Year: 2005 (Original House built 1922)
Location:  Memphis, TN
Size: 600 SF added

Situated in the Evergreen Historic District of Memphis, there are restrictions as to what modifications can be made to the building's street facade.  The original interior layout failed to make the best use of rooms that have a southern exposure and backyard access.  In addition, the main living level had an outdated plan that resulted in the living room being located on the dark north side and too far from the kitchen.  The circulation flow between the small cramped kitchen and the living room was choppy and not conducive to entertaining. 

The design solution flipped the main living room into a new expansion on the southern side of the house while preserving the street facade architectural character.  The new expansion features large expanses of glass with an abundance of natural light and garden views, and open space planning that allows direct access to the expanded kitchen and breakfast area.  Exterior detailing flourishes such as exposed rafter tails and open soffits recall the original architectural character.  Large roof projections shade new large windows from summer sun while allowing winter sun to penetrate the interior.