Memphis Grizzlies Preparatory Academy Expansion

Category:  Renovation / Adaptive Reuse
Year:  2016 - In Progress
Location:  Memphis, TN
Size: 6,330 SF

This exciting renovation in Memphis' Central Business District combines two existing buildings to form a 4-classrooms addition to the existing Grizzlie's Prep facility on the same city block.  The 4 classrooms along with support spaces are organized around a central corridor.  A new entrance is formed by a glassed in vestibule on the north east corner which repeats elements from the existing facility of Calvary Episcopal Church to its north, and opens towards the existing Memphis Grizzlies Prep building to its east.  Although Calvary does not support Grizzlies financially, the students often use the Calvary campus for events that go beyond the classroom (banquets, awards ceremonies, spelling bees, etc.) and this cooperative effort has brought the two organizations to the forefront of efforts at eliminating blight in the downtown area.



AFTER (ongoing construction!) ...