Grizzly Prep: Complete and In Use!

Calvary and Grizz Prep share excitement in the use of this new facility!!

The complete renovation of two existing buildings on Calvary's downtown campus was a joint effort between Calvary Episcopal Church and Memphis Grizzlies Preparatory School in order to add 5th grade students to the Grizz Prep academic achievement program.  (Please take time to learn about this wonderful program here:

About the Renovation:  Exposure to dynamic natural light in each space is a driving concept throughout the design.  As existing buildings often do, this pair of buildings provided plenty to work with, including irregularly placed windows on its east elevation and a portion of a brick wall which was in so much disrepair it needed to be removed entirely.  The irregular windows remain to provide great dynamic light and view, and the deteriorated brick was removed and replaced with steel and glass to become the new entrance.  The multiple layers of glazed grids bring light and views deep into the new classroom building and reinforce a visual connection with adjacent architecture of the Calvary campus.